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Two-Day Acquisitions Deal Lab - We Help You Close Deals In Real-Time

Why This Is A MUST Attend Event:

Unlike other events that are ‘hands-off’, during our live deal lab, we will work with you on the phone to close deals. Not only will you be given an actual outline that has worked to close thousands of deals, but you will also be given a personalized playbook specifically designed for you!

Hundreds of people have benefited from attending the lab, you can too!

Event Schedule:

Day 1

The Complete Sales Process:

Perfect acquisitions call outline.
Setting the stage for open and honest communication.
Uncovering motivation and creating an urgency.
Dealing with pushback.
How to transition to closing and how to present it.
Negotiation and stress testing the deal.

Day 2

Live Deal Lab:

Attendees bring recorded calls that we can review and discuss.
We will pull up live leads from the attendees and make live calls together with the goal of putting together a deal.
We will work with attendees to create a personalized playbook with actionable steps to improve your results.


Bonus #1:

Join one of Jerry’s team’s live weekly in house sales trainings- Valued at $1k

Bonus #2:

Gain unlimited access to Jerry's Acquisitions Video Series - Valued at $2k

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