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Frequently asked questions

Is it really "unlimited"? What's the catch? 

Yes, it's unlimited. There's no catch! Many of the investors have utilized this training program for 2-5 years... every new employee gets their own login. Investors typically use this training for both onboarding new sales reps and for ongoing sales training/mastery.

When are the live trainings? 

Each training is on Wednesday at 11 am EST. They typically last 1 hour and 15 minutes.

What if I miss a live session? 

No worries... every session we've ever done is recorded and placed in a library in the online portal. You never have to worry about missing out.

How much does it cost? 

We'll be brutally honest, it's not "cheap". However, we typically have special promotions and discounts available. Inquire to learn more about what's available right now.

Will it work for my business and exit strategy?

If you need to buy properties at a discount, and beat your competition, then this is for you. We've successfully trained flippers, wholesalers, buy-and-holders, whole-tailers... those who buy face-to-face and virtually... the list goes on.

How can I be sure it will work?

You can't be sure, but thousands of investors have been through our training, so we recommend you ask those in any masterminds or investment groups that you're part of... we're confident that you'll love what you hear. We've never had a single complaint.

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