The REI Sales Academy

Close More Deals With Higher Profit Margins Without Spending More On Marketing

For Investors Who Want To Convert More Of Their Leads Into Contracts

Margins Up, Marketing Down!

What's the REI Sales Academy All About?

Step-By-Step Sales Processes

A predictable, consistent and reliable system for buying houses.

Live Weekly Master Classes

The training is always fresh, so it's never out-dated.

Scripts & Talk Tracks

Never be at a loss for words. Start with our scripts, then customize them to make them your own.

Unlimited Training

Purchase once, then train all current and future employees... forever.

Actual Sales Call Recordings

Hear the sales process in action with real sellers.

Sales Playbook

Customize our "sales playbook" so it's a perfect fit for you.

Eliminate Your Toughest Competition

Find out how to outbuy without the highest offer.

Feel Good While Doing Good

Adopt a highly-effective, pressure-free and ethical selling system that offers solutions to people.

Close Every "Closable" Deal

Never lose another deal to competition, stalls, objections or anything else.

Simplify Your Real Estate Wealth Journey

Replace Yourself

Escape the Hamster Wheel of Despair and Work

If you feel like you're stuck... like you've reached a plateau, or you are overworking, then it's time to start replacing yourself.

Replace yourself in the acquisitions role
Replace yourself in the "sales training" role
Reallocate your time to what you love and where you can have the most impact
The right systems and operations allow for growth while profiting

When You Have A System, You Don't Need Superstars

People Leave and Make Mistakes. Processes Don't.

Rockstar salespeople are hard to find. They are sometimes difficult to manage. They're even harder to keep. And when they leave, most businesses take a huge step back and lose their momentum... they have to start over. With the right acquisitions process, you don't need rockstars. Simply place your employees in the system and let it do all the heavy lifting.

Simplify scaling
Let your processes do the heavy lifting
Free up your time

Eliminate Overhead & Stress

No One Becomes an Investor to Exponentially Increase their Stress Levels and Work Hours.

In order to grow, most investors increase their marketing spend. Their overhead grows tremendously while profit margins shrink. One bad month can send them into a tail-spin. That's no way to live. The best investors keep overhead manageable by focusing heavily on converting every closable deal. Stress disappears and profit margins soar.

Eliminate crushing marketing budgets
Reduce stress
Increase profit margins
Work less

Testimonials From Our Community

Learning Roadmap


We’ll make a list of everything that’s not working… Then we’ll put together a rock-solid plan to fix it all.


You'll get the outline to a perfect REI sales call and even give you the exact scripting to use so you can get some quick wins.


You'll learn how to remove any sales pressure and prospect anxiety within the first 30 seconds of any interaction.


Discover how to use a simple questioning strategy to take any tiny bit of motivation that exists in a seller and turn it into a tremendous sense of urgency to take action.


You'll master how to remove any prospect resistance, big or small, without having to do anything weird, uncomfortable.


You'll learn how to quickly uncover anything that might get in the way of a deal, and how to move past it.


The right presentation will allow you to win deals even when you don’t have the highest offer.


You’ll learn four super simple and highly effective tactics to negotiate like a pro.


We'll spend 2 weeks running through common REI sales scenarios.


Is it really "unlimited"? What's the catch? 

Yes, it's unlimited. There's no catch! Many of the investors have utilized this training program for 2-5 years... every new employee gets their own login. Investors typically use this training for both onboarding new sales reps and for ongoing sales training/mastery.

When are the live trainings? 

Each training is on Wednesday at 11 am EST. They typically last 1 hour and 15 minutes.

What if I miss a live session? 

No worries... every session we've ever done is recorded and placed in a library in the online portal. You never have to worry about missing out.

How much does it cost? 

We'll be brutally honest, it's not "cheap". However, we typically have special promotions and discounts available. Inquire to learn more about what's available right now.

Will it work for my business and exit strategy?

If you need to buy properties at a discount, and beat your competition, then this is for you. We've successfully trained flippers, wholesalers, buy-and-holders, whole-tailers... those who buy face-to-face and virtually... the list goes on.

How can I be sure it will work?

You can't be sure, but thousands of investors have been through our training, so we recommend you ask those in any masterminds or investment groups that you're part of... we're confident that you'll love what you hear. We've never had a single complaint.

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