Embracing the Virtual Frontier: Transforming Your Real Estate Business with Virtual Wholesaling


I’ve been in this business for over 20 years, and I used to believe that success meant attending every appointment in person. However, a shift in mindset and a focus on improving systems led me to explore the world of virtual wholesaling. 

In this blog, I’ll share my journey and insights on how you can revolutionize your real estate business by embracing virtual wholesaling.

The Myth of In-Person Success

For my first decade in the business, I dedicated my time to attending hundreds and hundreds of in-person appointments. While it helped me establish connections with sellers and close deals, I realized that it wasn’t the only path to success. The constant running around, no-shows, and the frustration of discovering a property was already under contract made me reevaluate my approach.

The Virtual Advantage

Virtual wholesaling is often met with skepticism, but looking beyond the perceived negatives is essential. Running from one appointment to another can be physically and mentally exhausting. Moreover, there’s always the risk of deals falling through due to various reasons, such as the property being already under contract.

Shifting Your Mindset

The key to unlocking the potential of virtual wholesaling is a mindset shift. Understand that you can control deals remotely and still build strong connections with sellers. Overcoming the mental barrier is crucial – once you do, the process becomes even more manageable.

Implementing a System

To make virtual wholesaling work, establish a streamlined sales process. The difference lies in the endpoint – instead of booking an in-person appointment, initiate the process virtually. This shift allows you to maximize your time, reduce wear and tear on your body and vehicle, and increase the number of contracts you secure.

The Virtual Process

Start by following a sales process similar to traditional methods. The crucial change comes at the end, where you choose a virtual avenue instead of scheduling an in-person meeting. By starting the process immediately, you gain efficiency, save time, and increase overall productivity.

Learning and Adapting

Don’t be afraid to learn new processes and adapt to a virtual environment. Commercial real estate deals often involve buyers and properties located across the country. You can apply the same principles to residential deals by embracing technology and conducting transactions remotely.

Virtual wholesaling is not as daunting as it may seem. It starts with a shift in mindset and implementing a modified sales process. Embrace the virtual frontier, save time, reduce physical strain, and watch as your real estate business thrives. Don’t overthink it – take the plunge into virtual wholesaling, and you might be surprised at its positive impact on your success. 

I hope this helps! 

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